Order of Santa Claus (St. Nicholas)

Before the New Year of 2024, there is very little time left. And so much more still need to be done! Decorate an apartment, a house, find and buy gifts to all relatives and friends, prepare festive meals ... But how much happiness and joy this pre-holiday fuss brings! The atmosphere of the holiday is filled with a house, when the smell of a real forest tree stands in it, garlands are hung up, and the presents are tied with beautiful ribbons. This year you can really please your friends and relatives by making Santa Claus's order for a house (how to do it - see here), to the kindergarten, school, office, to a festive party, to a New Year's corporate party. After all, what is the New Year without a real, beloved fairy-tale Grandfather Frost or St. Nicholas?
We wish you health, happiness and love in the New Year! May your most cherished dreams come true !!!

Order a congratulation before 19.12.23 - get a discount of as much as 15%!

Order of Santa Claus at home

You can order your Grandfather Frost and the Snow Maiden to your home by calling our service. For your child, the appearance in the house of a kind Santa Claus and his friends will not only be an unusual surprise, but also a confirmation of the belief in miracles. And this is a great gift for your baby, who in his importance for him can compete with joy from receiving material gifts.

Order Santa Claus in the office (New Year's corporate)

You can congratulate your company employees on the New Year in the office. Manifestation of attention, respect for his employees and colleagues will improve the mood not only for the entire staff of the organization, but also directly for you. The first thought that comes to your mind is to collect everyone in the same room, to give a solemn speech and to give presents. But there is something from the bored "official" in this approach.
 Decorate the situation by turning a banal greeting to a real holiday, help order Santa Claus and Snow Maiden in the office (New Year's corporate) of your company. The more unexpected it will be for employees, the better. Elements of surprise, jokes, "fairy tales" will noticeably improve the situation in the organization, help your colleagues become more emancipated and fully experience the approach of the New Year 2024.

Order Santa Claus in kindergarten, in school

If you want to place an order for Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden to a group of children (your child and his friends), to call Grandfather Frost to a kindergarten or school - we will happily come to your aid. We have a dozen successful developments on the subject of the matinee, but we are also ready to develop a special holiday program for you.